Dragon Age: Inquisition Trespasser DLC – Review
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Dragon Age: Inquisition Trespasser DLC – Review

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Trespasser is the final chapter in the long and complex story that is Dragon Age: Inquisition. Set to take place two years after the final events of Inquisition’s base game, this DLC offers vital information for fans of the Dragon Age series whilst also solving some of the remaining plot holes and previously unanswered questions raised by Inquisition’s main quest itself.

Note: This DLC review will contain spoilers for the base game and minor spoilers for the DLC.

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The Inquisition’s unwavering power and political independence have not gone unnoticed by neighbouring countries Orlais and Ferelden, and with the Inquisitor’s original target eliminated, many are starting to doubt if keeping the Inquisition around is worth the potential threat. Divine Victoria, religious leader to both countries and friend to the Inquisition, can only keep the organization under her proverbial wings for so long. As her influence on the matter declines, it becomes clear that the Inquisitor will have to fight for the future of their organizations themselves.

However, nothing ever seems to go according to plan in Thedas, and Trespasser is no exception. While attending the exalted council to discuss the future fate of their organization, the Inquisitor ends up in the middle of a Qunari ambush which in turn ends up being part of an even bigger and even stickier situation. Suddenly balancing politically delicate situations becomes the least of the Inquisitor’s problems as there’s another fate to be decided: that of the entire world.

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Trespasser is Dragon Age: Inquisition’s final and perhaps most graphically beautiful chapter. Bioware got the chance to really show off one of their biggest strengths in game making: their excellent high fantasy world building. With environments that look like they came straight out of a concept artist’s pen, places that looked grim and monotonous in previous games (such as the fade and the deep roads) have become beautiful settings that do Dragon Age’s lore justice. Excellent choice of colour palettes help set the tone for each scenario and the final hours of the DLC offers some of Inquisition’s most beautiful sights.



Trevor Morris offers some of his very best work in Trespasser, with an entirely new score that really suits the emotionally charged DLC. Dramatic and epic, the DLC’s theme song suits the Dragon Age series like a glove. This is why it is such a shame that there are only a couple new songs, which get repeated over and over. This was especially annoying during the frequent battle scenes, where the accompanying music got repeated so often it nearly reached the levels of frustration that the song Silver for Monsters brought during The Witcher 3.

Voice acting also reaches new levels of excellence, as especially the female British Inquisitor Alix Wilton Regan and Allegra Clark, voice actress for Josephine, shine in their respective scenes.

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Trespasser brings welcome change to Inquisition’s combat system by introducing various new (and seriously awesome) weapons as well as new special powers and handicaps based on the Inquisitor’s mark. The mark will need to be carefully monitored as overcharging can damage both the player and their entire party, but will also become more powerful as the Inquisitor moves through the DLC. This keeps combat refreshing and makes it very fun, countering the relative simplicity of battles in Inquisition’s main quest.

Many new lore books can be discovered throughout the entire DLC, offering extra XP and perhaps even more importantly vital background information that will satisfy fans of the series. Newcomers to the trilogy or players who have skipped through some cutscenes or side quests might end up being very confused however, and a certain amount of knowledge on the Dragon Age universe is necessary to enjoy this DLC to the fullest.

All work and no play is against Bioware’s core principles however, and so the Trespasser DLC also offers the opportunity to catch up with old friends and certain romance options.

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Trespasser is a vital part to Dragon Age: Inquisition that honours the game’s storyline and lore in a graphically beautiful way. If you’re a fan of the series, you will want to play this one. Not only does this DLC bring hours worth of incredibly fun playtime, it also clears up massive plot holes in the Dragon Age universe. Even new fans of the series for whom Inquisition is their first adventure in Thedas will be glad to see some of the main quest’s riddles finally solved. With stunning music and gorgeous graphics, this DLC is a fantastic end to a great story.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Trespasser DLC - Review, 8.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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