Dragon Quest Builders 2 released on Steam

Dragon Quest Builders 2 released on Steam

Earlier this year, Dragon Quest Builders 2 was already released on the PlayStation 4, but today it has been released on Steam as well, so get ready to start building in this story-driven building adventure.

The Steam version of Dragon Quest Builders 2 will include the Hotto Stuff Pack, the aquarium Pack and the Modernist Pack, all the previous DLC containing more than a hundred items, recipes and more. For those who purchase the game before January 6 will additionally get more bonus content, offering even more decorations.

You can also try before you buy with the special JUMBO DEMO that is now available as well which will give you access to the first three areas: the Tutorial Island, the Isle of Awakening and a big part of the Furrowfield island.

By clicking here, you can access the Steam page of Dragon Quest Builders 2 and see what it has to offer there.

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