Dragon Quest Builders Will Arrive On PC at February 13

Dragon Quest Builders Will Arrive On PC at February 13

Today, Square Enix announced that Dragon Quest Builders, the first game in a line of popular series of Block-building RPGs, will be released for PC on February 13. Dragon Quest Builders originally appeared on the PlayStation 4, but the upcoming PC version will get all of the improved features for crafting and the DLC “Terra Incognita” for free.

Dragon Quest Builders is an exciting sandbox game that invites builders to rebuild the destroyed ruins of the Alefgard empire. Here players can enjoy and love the endless possibilities to gather materials and create unique objects. The Steam version of Dragon Quest Builders will be getting the new and improved crafting functions and the DLC, which was added to the Mobile version in 2022. This content will give players all the freedom they desire to craft and play, now with double the room and size to stack blocks upon each other.

Other crafting features are:

  • Place blocks with a single mouse click and destroy blocks and objects more easily.
  • A handy “undo” button that lets players restore their work.
  • “Big Bash,” a handy feature introduced in Dragon Quest Builders 2 that lets Builders demolish all objects within a certain range.
  • Collectible in-game items, such as figurines of characters and monsters.
  • Players can collect pixels and exchange them for various useful items.
  • Turn buildings into Build Cards to share with friends and scan their buildings to make them appear on your island.

The features in the DLC are:

  • Boss Monster Model Set – Builders can get several giant, poseable monster statues to place in their worlds
  • Astronomy Set – Builders can light up the night sky with ten stars and planets to bring the beauty of the Milky Way to their backyard.
  • Pixel Ring – The Pixel Ring is a nifty accessory, but also more than that. The ring allows players to earn more “pixels” when they defeat an enemy in “Terra Incognita.” Which can be used to create special items in the “Dragon Quest Game Pack” workstation.
  • Magic Carpet – Builders can use a flying carpet to view, build and explore their buildings from the air, while also listening to special music.

A bundle of Dragon Quest Builders + Dragon Quest Builders 2 is also now available. So players who have already purchased Dragon Quest Builders 2, on Steam, can now purchase Dragon Quest Builders, at a discount. Pre-orders are now available, in the Steam store, for either the standalone game and the bundle Dragon Quest Builders + Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Dragon Quest Builders is classified as PEGI 7 and is currently available for Android, iOS, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

For more information, visit https://dragonquestbuilders.com.

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