Dragon Star Varnir – coming to the PS4 in Europe!

Dragon Star Varnir – coming to the PS4 in Europe!

Good news for the European JRPG fans! Dragon Star Varnir is coming both physically and digitally to the PlayStation 4 in Europe.

In Dragon Star Varnir you will explore dungeons together with your party. There are a few different aspects of the game that must be known. Players will be able to find quests in the Huntery and will receive rewards if the quest is complete. In the Huntery players will also be able to access items. As you explore dungeons you will encounter chests, collectibles but also blocked paths and enemies. You will have to work together with your party and find the person who can break through the blocked path with their magic. If you want to go a bit faster while you are exploring, you can actually do this by flying on your broom.

The items you pick up in the dungeons from chests or enemies can either be used in Elixirs or given as a present to one of the witches. Make an Elixir and give it to one of the characters to drink, it will cause a special dragon to show up. Once you defeat the dragon you will gain various rare items. If you fail to defeat the dragon, not to worry you can try as many times as you need. More special items found in the dungeons can be given as a present to a witch. This will cause them to like you more, but of course, not every witch is the same. Every witch has their own taste so you’ll have to find out who likes what.

In Dragon Star Varnir sanity is quite important. Depending on your actions and selections throughout the game you will start to slowly go insane. Once you get to the end, if your insanity level is high then the ending that you get will be different.

Dragon Star Varnir will be available on the 14th of June 2019 on the PS4 in Europe.

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