Dragon War (G15) Gaia MOBA Gaming Mouse – Hardware Review
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Developer: Dragon War
Publisher: Dragon War
Platform: PC

Dragon War (G15) Gaia MOBA Gaming Mouse – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Side buttons, Nimble
Bad: The chrome parts are actually plastic, Almost no real option concerning dpi and LED lighting
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It hasn’t been long since we had the chance to try out the robust G4.1 gaming mouse from Dragon War. For the most part we loved the device, even though it was a device that focused more on design than extra functions. This time we have a mouse from their repertoire that puts its focus on MOBA titles, such as League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, SMITE and so on. With a name such as Gaia, we can’t help but wonder if this device would truly bring a world of change, or if it’s just a fancy name for a fancy looking device.


Compared to the G4.1, the Gaia looks more like a normal, standardized mouse, albeit with a few very fancy details added. You’ll notice a ‘chrome’ look on each of the sides, which looks like real chrome, but is sadly just plastic. Nonetheless, opting for plastic reduces the weight of the device, which is a good thing for many gamers, as it makes the mouse a bit more nimble.

The chrome look is not limited to the outer sides, but there are a few nice similar details on top of the mouse, highlighting the mouse wheel, and the two buttons that are inside said frame. Other than that there are four very noticeable buttons on the left hand side of the device, one of them red, three of them in a grayish/black color, which are clearly intended to bind your shortcuts to for MOBA games.

One thing has to be said, namely that the LED lighting on this device looks astonishing. You’ll see the LED lighting shine through the chrome finishing touches, the Dragon War brand name, logo, and the dpi text. A bit of extra lighting on the somewhat thicker mouse wheel would have been nice, but it currently looks like the developers truly wanted to make this mouse shine compared to their other models.

Dragon War Gaia 1


There isn’t a big comfort gap between a normal mouse and Dragon War’s MOBA mouse, as this one is shaped nearly the same as such a mouse. Both players with larger or smaller hands will find comfort in this device and the placement of the side buttons. The latter are very accessible for both groups and because of this, you’ll actually start using them actively, compared to other models which have extra buttons but aren’t all that easily reachable.

Only one thing seemed a bit less accessible, namely the two buttons on top of the mouse that are used to switch dpi settings. Nonetheless, you normally don’t need these on the fly, thus you’ll never truly be bothered with it.

Overall this light device proves to be very comfortable and has a familiar feeling for those who are coming from a standardized mouse, thus you’ll get used to this device in a matter of minutes, rather than days or weeks. The light weight might work in two directions, as a light device may be very nimble to mess around with, there are many gamers out there that want to hold something a bit more substantial, or at least have the option to insert/remove weights from said device. The only thing that might take some getting used to is the plastic finish on the right side, which will feel a bit ‘unnatural’ for your little finger.

As far as comfort goes, it’s fun that the company includes a small mousepad, which may not seem like a lot, but it’s still a fair amount of extra added value for this package. If you already have a decent one, this one can of course serve as a spare one, which may come in handy one day.


  • Different dpi profiles (800, 1600, 2400 and 4000, 1200 only via software)
  • 4 LED colors
  • Vibration function

Dragon War Gaia 2


As with many products nowadays, this device is also a plug and play mouse, which doesn’t really need any extra installation. You can of course opt to install the extra software to do some key binding for the side keys, but overall, it’s not really needed. Nonetheless, this can all be done via the program that is included in the box if needed. The mouse also comes with a vibration function, which can be set to specific games to, for example, warn you if you’re close to death and so on. That being said, we haven’t completely figured out how to get this to work properly just yet.

While this mouse offers more than enough range concerning dpi, it has to be said it is lacking in customization options, as you can only opt for 800, 1200, 1600, 2400 and 4000 dpi, and nothing in-between. Same has to be said about the LED lighting, which only consists out of four colors, which have to be linked to a specific profile. You can opt for a ‘pulsating’ light or a solid one however, which gives you a tiny bit of options in the end. Even though it may sound like this mouse doesn’t have that much to offer, the different dpi ranges will still cover most bases, albeit a tad less precise than some players would like it. Precision may be a key item for MOBA games, and you might argue that with the big gaps you’ll lose a lot of precision, you’ll still have ample options to find your proper play-style with this device.


Dragon War’s Gaia MOBA Gaming Mouse is probably the best Dragon War mouse we’ve had the honor of testing for now, that had extra features on it. The device offers ample (preprogrammed) options, has a proper dpi range and above all, it looks great, while never becoming a very abstract device such as the G4.1. If you love a device that’s simple to use, looks good and has sufficient user comfort, this one is certainly worth checking out. There’s only one thing to keep in mind, namely the somewhat limited customization options concerning the dpi settings and the LED lights.

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Dragon War (G15) Gaia MOBA Gaming Mouse - Hardware Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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