Dragon War G4.1 – Hardware Review
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Developer: Dragon War
Publisher: Dragon War
Platform: PC

Dragon War G4.1 – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Functionalities
Bad: A bit clunky for gamers with smaller hands
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We’ve seen many original contraptions when it concerns gaming rigs and often it are the peripherals that stand out the most. We’ve had mice, headsets and keyboards that illuminate the dark with their flashy and hard to miss LED lighting, but we’ve also seen rather peculiar designs, that often did not get in the way of the practical side of things. Nonetheless, there are a few devices that remained memorable over the years, simply thanks to their original design. Dragon War is trying to aim for the latter, as their G4.1 gaming mouse is also aiming to catch the attention of potential buyers. We were eager to see if its design would diminish its capabilities.

Dragon War


Even though the design of the G4.1 looks spiffy, we can’t help but wonder if Dragon War actually wasn’t sure which direction they wanted to head with this device. Much like Sandberg’s Blast Mouse, we’re treated to an open design, but also implementations of Mad Catz’ ‘wings’ on both the left and right mouse button, as well as the bottom of the device, the latter of course being a rest for your thumb and little finger.

With the open design of the G4.1 comes a very nice touch, namely the visible braided cable in the interior of the device. The latter is a very original addition to the design that hasn’t really been done before. Things like this make the device stand out from the rest of the competition.

As it’s clear that this device is aiming to impress with its many whistles and bells, there are of course a few finishing touches in the LED department. The G4.1 name is prominently lit up, as well as both wings on the mouse buttons. The latter is also something very original, and it ends up making this mouse a spectacle to look at, the moment it’s finally plugged in.


Those who are looking for something heavier will immediately like the ‘resistance’ on the G4.1, as it’s quite heavy, mainly due to the metal plate on the bottom of the device. Nonetheless, the weight does not stand in the way of the rather ‘smooth’ gliding action you’ll get when using this device.

G4.1 1

People with smaller hands will still be able to properly access all the buttons, even those on the side are never really out of reach in the midst of an intense gaming session. However, these people will not truly benefit from the rests on each side of the mouse, as your hands will never fully encompass the device, thus will never reach the point of your hand otherwise laying down on the desk. If you have rather big hands, you can also lengthen the device, by moving the palm rest of the device.

If you’ve never had a mouse with wings on the mouse buttons, this one will take some time getting used to, as said wings are already quite big, which makes it harder for gamers who usually only use their index and middle fingers, to tuck away their ring finger. Nonetheless, controlling the device with three fingers on the top will only take a short while getting used to, as, just like pretty much all peripherals, it’s only a matter of using the device frequently and thus changing your habits.


  • Up to 9500 dpi
  • Custom length due to flexible palm rest
  • Cable length 2 meters


Like pretty much every device on the market nowadays, the G4.1 is a plug and play gaming mouse, which already has all the basics set up, in order for you to dive into the action accordingly. Nonetheless, if you wish to further tweak your experience into something more suiting to your needs, you’ll need to install the software that is delivered with the device. That being said, in many ways you’re good to go with the automatic install.

G4.1 2

With a range up to 9500 dpi, you’ll have a rather versatile device for pretty much every genre on the market. You will probably never even have to set the device to its highest settings, except if you’re fond of strategy games that require a lot of scrolling. Nonetheless, it’s great to have ‘more than enough’ options, rather than slim pickings. It’s clear that this mouse is intended for many different genres, as the extra buttons are set in a way they are easy to reach and just scream for extra key bindings.

Even though you’re treated to a sturdy braided cable, it’s just that, a sturdy braided cable that feels extremely stiff, and especially the first few weeks, it’ll get in the way more than once. You’ll actually need to play around with the cable a lot, to soften it, and make it into something that does not hamper your gaming sessions, as its lack of flexibility during your first sessions is actually quite annoying.


Even though we had a few minor remarks about the G4.1, the device is still reasonably fun to work with if you’re looking for something original to spice up your gaming rig. Nonetheless, gamers who are looking for a heavier device will certainly have the most fun with the G4.1, and with the extra buttons, the overall comfort features and of course the device’s dpi range, you’ll have yourself a sturdy companion to help you during your gaming sessions.

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Rating: 8.1/10 (7 votes cast)
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Dragon War G4.1 - Hardware Review, 8.1 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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  1. MC_JP
    February 9, 2017, 20:58

    Does remind me a lot off the R.A.T 9

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