Dragonrider hits Steam Greenlight as a concept

Dragonrider hits Steam Greenlight as a concept

The story driven RPG Dragonrider has recently hit Steam Greenlight as a concept and as a project that is early in development. Currently still under development by Fuego, the game is clearly inspired by Zelda as it features the same style where the player can venture on a large island that has several unique places and dungeons to visit as well as many secrets to uncover. In order to successfully defeat the stone army emerging from the ground, the player must solve puzzles.

The player takes control over Mogami, the main protagonist, who is accompanied by a small dragon on his journeys. His task is not only to unravel the secrets of the stone army but he must also reveal his mysterious past that is somehow connected to the dragons of the island.

The developers have many great features planned, here are some of them:

  • Large island full of beautiful and unique places to visit
  • Three characters, each with unique skills and gameplay that can be leveled up
  • Cooperative gameplay between two main characters
  • Dragon companion which you can control to solve puzzles, destroy enemies or use to defend yourself
  • Character control, both on the ground as well as on a flying dragon
  • Interactive NPC’s which allows for story driven gameplay
  • Unique enemies and bosses

Dragonrider is planned to be released on PC for the time being but Ouya and Mac will be looked into as well. Be sure to check out Dragonrider on the Steam Greenlight Concepts.

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Dragonrider hits Steam Greenlight as a concept, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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