Drawkanoid bound to release soon

Drawkanoid bound to release soon

QCF Design has announced that their hyperspeed Brick Breaker ‘Drawkanoid’ will release on the 21st of January on Steam.

Drawkanoid seems to be quite different from the ordinary brick breakers as this one won’t feature a paddle you can move on the bottom of the screen. You’ll need to draw your paddle before the ball falls into the depths of the unknown. The ball moves at high speeds on the screen and will temporarily slow down when reaching the bottom half of the screen to give you a chance to draw your paddle.

The game will also feature multiple game modes, such as Countdown and a Zen mode. Countdown is a tension-mounting race against the clock while Zen mode lets you groove to trance-inducing chiptunes while therapeutically smashing neon bricks into kaleidoscopic patterns.

Check out the trailer below to see what this new variation to Arkanoid has got to offer.

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