Dream becomes reality on 31st July

Dream becomes reality on 31st July

Having spent two years in Early Access, indie game studio Hypersloth has deemed it possible to release Dream as a full game this month.

Dream follows the subconscious mind of Howard Philips, a man torn by the grief of losing a family member. Overwhelmed by despair by day, Howard’s dreams are full of weird, wonderful but sometimes puzzles in which you can choose the final outcome. Can you help Howard to discover the truth in this strange world?

Dream plays host to three acts, with eight dreams to explore within, and nightmares set out for each act. Other features include:

  • Completely interactive 3D environments– there are no restrictions to what you can play with
  • Non-linear narrative and gameplay– feel free to explore dream environments and complete puzzles in whichever order you wish. The paths you choose control which dreams you experience, and how the finale plays out.
  • Collectibles, items and secrets– each dream is filled with objects that help contribute to the progress of the story.
  • Features an original soundtrack by Norman Legies.

Dream is out on the 31st of July for PC. The price on Steam is $16.99 for US customers, €15.99 for EU and £12.99 for the UK. Check out the official trailer below:

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