Dredge is a Must Play for Fans of Fishing Games

Dredge is a Must Play for Fans of Fishing Games

The fishing genre is absolutely booming in gaming, and there are countless offerings for players to choose from on every platform. The great thing about this game type is that it lends itself to a world of possibilities, giving developers freedom to create innovative titles.

Dredge is a new offering in the genre, and a prime example of how developers are finding fresh ways to offer fishing themes. For people who enjoy virtual angling, the title from Black Salt Games is arguably a must-play.

Dredge is a Fishing Game With a Difference

Many fishing games focus purely on the act of catching marine life, but Dredge aims to provide a slightly different experience. The game published by Team17 uses the Unity engine and has a cartoony feel to it. Everything seems normal to begin with, but it soon emerges that there are more sinister things to watch out for than fish in the briny deep. Indeed, players start to encounter Lovecraftian creatures within the creepy setting of the game’s open world set of islands.

One of the great things about Dredge is that it takes place on a day and night cycle, with players able to push the clock forward by participating in certain activities. The open world sandbox allows for plenty of exploration, along with interactions with other characters. The nighttime fishing is easily the highlight of this title, as there is a sense of dread in the air. The player even has a panic metre, which gradually fills up. When this happens, it leads to hallucinations and the reality around the boat becomes distorted. Various hazards can appear at this time as well, including sea monsters that attack the boat.

Fishing Genre Known to Offer a Variety of Gameplay Experiences

Fishing may not seem like the type of activity that would lend itself well to video games, but inventive developers have proved that it translates to digital form perfectly. Dredge is just one of many hugely popular titles in the fishing genre, and there are loads of different styles of fishing game for players to choose from.

For players in search of a more realistic fishing experience that replicates the real world activity, Ultimate Fishing Simulator from Bit Golem is regarded as one of the best. There are also titles like Fishing Planet and Championship Bass that provide similar gameplay. In these titles, the full focus is on the fish, and players need to use a range of skills to pull in the biggest catches.

There are other fishing games that use a more arcade-style theme for people who prefer light-hearted offerings. For instance, the Big Bass Bonanza video game is one of many slot games that use the fishing theme to great effect. The title features a range of different fish on the reels, with bigger species providing higher payouts.

The fishing genre is also home to games that give players the chance to run their own virtual aquariums, highlighting how there is no limit to what the game category can offer. Some of the best options in this subgenre of fishing include Megaquarium and Fish Tycoon.

The jam packed fishing genre is continuing to expand, and Dredge proves that there are plenty of ways for developers to keep it fresh. For people in search of a fishing title with a twist, this offering will be a hit.

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