Dual Universe Update shows the new trucker simulator options

Dual Universe Update shows the new trucker simulator options

With the new update, Dual Universe shows players of the Sci-Fi MMO the new updates to their economy, mining and transporting of minerals and ores. The new update shows options for scanning and mining ores, and transporting them to support their new economy features.

Hand Scanner tool

A mid-range proximity device used to scan the user’s surroundings and give feedback about the distance to available ore veins. While its range is limited, this is the ideal tool to prospect around a given region during a mining expedition.

Directional tool

A close-range device used to detect and mark ore in a given direction as the user looks around their surroundings. Despite having a more limited range than the hand scanner tool, the detector tool offers players a more accurate way to pinpoint the location of ore, making it the perfect accompaniment to the brand new mining tool.

Mining tool

Combine with the Hand Scanner & Directional tool to dig your way beneath a planet’s surface and extract the precious ore players can use to construct buildings, ships, and much more. Simply aim at an ore deposit with this brand new tool, charge it up, and collect the extracted resources. As players find higher level materials, though, the charging and extraction process will take more time.

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