Dust To The End is Now Fully Available on Steam

Dust To The End is Now Fully Available on Steam

Dust to the End, the post-apocalyptic strategy game by HaoJoy and 2PGames, is finally out on Steam as a fully released title!

The Mad Max-like strategy game is now out of Early Access and will keep its original price for a limited time. In it you’ll play as one of the last dwellers of the old nuclear shelters, and fter leaving your home forcibly, you’ll have to do whatever it takes to survive the dangers of the wastelands. Trade, negotiate, fight and raid others’ settlements – everything will lead you to the top of this new post-apocalyptic society where hunger, war, cruelty, and slavery are commonplace.

Players can now enjoy the game’s features better then ever before, including leading a merchant caravan through these unforgiving lands, exploring a vast semi-open post-apocalyptic world map and fighting beast, men and even natural hazards!

Watch the official trailer here:

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