Dwarven Skykeep releases today

Dwarven Skykeep releases today

Developer Hack The Publisher and publisher Ravenage Games are happy to announce that their humorous pixel art base builder/ deck builder/ strategy game/ resource manager mashup Dwarven Skykeep is now available on Steam. Players find themselves in the shoes of Dr. Sevendar Kness, a master of card magic and the leading expert in the construction of block towers. Sent on a mysterious mission in Dwarven City you are tasked to build the most powerful card deck The Nameless Kingdom has ever known.

In the largely mixed gameplay of Dwarven Skykeep, you’ll build, upgrade and defend your towers with the help of your gnomes and dwarves that listen to your every command. Show them the way to repair and renovate your existing towers or create new ones. Once under attack, you can toss your minions into sword fights, fend your attackers off with six different magic spells and let your followers scavenge for resources. Explore the five distinct worlds with each their own clever gameplay mechanics and dastardly challenges. From the vast desert to a cold winter world and floating among the clouds. Don’t give up when things go wrong, nothing is impossible. With so many different gameplay elements you are promised to have hours of fun to have.

Key Features include:

  • Deep deck building mechanics
  • Intelligent challenges at every level
  • Charming and not-so-charming characters, monsters and bosses
  • References to cult classic films, novels and games
  • Hilarious conversations and hysterical circumstances

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