Dying Light 2 Stay Human better with NVIDIA?

Only a few days ago we reviewed Dying Light 2 Stay Human for PS5. We very much enjoyed the continuation of the series, and we loved to explore the world that opened up for Aiden. The game offered hours upon hours of content and it was simply a lot of fun to delve into the side content as well. Sadly, however, we found the game’s graphical prowess to be a bit underwhelming for a next-gen title. We found a lot of small details to be lacking in quality, and we concluded that the game could use an extra layer of polish.

Courtesy of NVIDIA, we were allowed to try out the game for PC, as it supports ray-tracing and DLSS for the RTX series of graphics cards (sorry GTX users). This basically means that if you have an RTX graphics card you can boost the game’s performance, as well as its graphical quality. In Dying Light 2‘s case, this means that the dynamic lighting is a lot better compared to the native settings on consoles. While we didn’t expect a huge difference, we were already proven wrong after merely booting up the game on PC. The introduction of the game has a lot of segments where the sunlight shines through the trees of the surrounding forest. When playing this introductory part of the game on the PS5 we found the lighting here to be bland, and sometimes we even had to adjust the brightness settings as things felt a bit dark. On our Medion Erazer Crawler E25, which isn’t the strongest gaming laptop, we were actually quite amazed by the introduction of the game. The color tones of the lighting felt better adjusted, and this enhanced the game as a whole. We immediately found the game a lot more attractive on PC than it was on the PS5.

We were also surprised with the overall smoothness of the game with DLSS on. We expected this new release to be somewhat heavy for Medion’s budget-friendly gaming laptop, but we were actually amazed as to how smooth things ran. We didn’t notice any frame drops, and we were able to run the game with the graphical quality on high. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the game is that much better on PC if you don’t care about the somewhat dated graphics on the current generation of consoles. If, however, you want to get the most out of your experience and play the game with better lighting, and even a higher frame rate, then we suggest picking up the PC version; if you have an RTX graphics card.

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