Dying Light – Release time frame announced

Dying Light – Release time frame announced

The release timing for Dying Light, a first-person action survival horror game currently still in development by Techland has finally been announced. Originally Dying Light was planned for release in the fourth quarter of 2014 but after some deliberation, they pushed back the release time to February 2015.

Several reasons to push back the release date is the fact that Techland does not want the game to feel unfinished upon release. Committed to innovation, Techland wants to bring the player a certain feeling of freedom, one that should become a new and unique experience that has not been done before in open-world games. Another reason for this important decision is that gameplay is a priority and releasing Dying Light too early might compromise the Natural Movement element of the game. According to the Dying Light Team, releasing Dying Light a few months later than originally planned will only ensure the quality of the game itself.

Stay tuned for more news about Dying Light as E3 2014 will reveal exciting features and aspects of the game.

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