Dying Light set the odds of Luis Suarez biting another player

Dying Light set the odds of Luis Suarez biting another player

Every once in a while a good promotion stunt is set up. Dying Light is participating in this. However, this time the stunt is more hilarious than ever. We’ve all heard of Suarez, the soccer player that got banned for biting the Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during the match Uruguay vs. Italy at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Suarez will be returning this Saturday on the play field, after being banned for nine international matches by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee. The developers of the zombie action survival game Dying Light have collaborated with bookmakers Paddy Power to set the odds of Suarez biting yet another player during the match this Saturday where Barcelona will battle it out against Real Madrid on the grassy fields.

The odds are certainly not in Suarez’ favor as he is most likely to bite Képler Laveran Lima Ferreira – Real Madrid’s centre back – that is better known as Pepe. If Suarez would have some salt on him, the centre back could be a tasty snack! Luckily Messi and Alves are somewhat save (100/1). The most likely body parts that will be snacked on are the arms and shoulders, closely followed with a fleshy leg. Although the odds of Suarez biting Pepe are only 50 to 1, the munchkin is even more likely to bite a member of his own team with 25 to 1. Even the referee should stay out of his way as the poor fella may be bitten, even before Pepe, with an odds of 40 to 1. And because Dying Light is a zombie action survival game, the odds of Suarez unleashing a full zombie epidemic is 500 to 1 – eerie odds if you ask me.

The promotion stunt wouldn’t be a great stunt without some picture to remember it by, so we present to you – Luis Suarez in his Barcelona kit regalia as a flesh-eating zombie! I wouldn’t want to come face-to-face with him. Dying Light is set to release in January 2015, spread over a couple of days to make sure the game is out worldwide.

You can see the full ‘Dying Light’-odds below and feel free to mention your own odds in the comments.


When will Suarez bite a player?
100/1     0.01 to 23.00 minutes
33/1       23.01 to end of first half
25/1       Start of second half to 68.00 minutes
25/1       68.01 minutes to final whistle

Where will Suarez bite a player?
33/1       Arm
33/1       Shoulder
40/1       Leg
40/1       Hand
50/1       Back
100/1     Foot

40/1       To bite the referee during play
25/1       To bite a team mate during play

Zombie Special
500/1     To start a zombie viral biting outbreak

Which player will Suarez bite?
50/1       Pepe
66/1       S Ramos
66/1       R Varane
80/1       C Ronaldo
80/1       G Bale
80/1       T Kroos
80/1       Marcelo
80/1       S Khedira
80/1       F Nacho
80/1       K Benzema
80/1       J Hernandez
80/1       J Rodriguez
80/1       Isco
80/1       L Modric
80/1       A Illarramendi
100/1     Lionel Messi
100/1     S Busquets
100/1     D Alves

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