Dying Light steps up its fan service

Dying Light steps up its fan service

The Harran plague is on many gamers’ minds these days, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Zombie survival parkour game Dying Light is just two weeks away from unleashing its deadly virus on our helpless PC’s, Xbox One’s and PlayStation 4’s.

To further feed the hype, developer Techland has launched the website Harran-city.com, which is the official website of the city in which all of this carnage will soon take place. The website is used by survivors within the city to communicate with the outside world, effectively providing potential players with information on certain in-game elements. Those wondering about the outbreak story can also piece it together using this site.

If you want a more corporeal approach to marketing and for some reason own or have access to a 3D printer, Techland could really make you one happy zombie slayer. Using this link, you can now download an official 3D printable figurine of a Harran zombie. Of course, you will have to paint it yourself, which can be a laborious task. To provide you with some inspiration, the clip below shows you how to paint your own zombie.

Feeling hungry for more zombie juice? America will be able to play it on 27 January, Asia will follow on 28 January and Europe will be infected on 30 January. Now go and have some fun, while you still can!

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