Dynasty Warriors 9 Trial coming next week

Dynasty Warriors 9 Trial coming next week

Today, it has been announced that Dynasty Warriors 9 Trial will be coming to consoles from next week. It will be available first on the 14th of November for PS4 and will come to Xbox One and the Xbox One X one week later. On PC it’s already available.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is the latest version of the popular franchise of Dynasty Warriors. The trial will enable you to choose up to three characters from the roster of 90 playable characters in a small sampling of the full version’s story mode to catch a glimpse of what players can expect in the full game. In this trial, online co-op will also be available to test it alongside other players playing the trial and those who already own the full game.

A Season Pass has also been announced for Dynasty Warriors 9, granting a variety of additional weapons, costumes, scenarios and a lot of useful materials, including various types of coins; a book of Musou; and exploding arrows.

Dynasty Warriors 9 originally released in Japan and China on February 8 this year and 5 days later in the United States and Europe.

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