Dyson Sphere Program’s upcoming features

Dyson Sphere Program’s upcoming features

Dyson Sphere Program is a Sci-Fi simulator with space exploration and factory automation elements where you have to build your own galactic industrial empire from scratch.

Science and technology has, in the very distant future, ushered in a new age for the Human race. Playing as a space engineer, you are given the task of constructing a Dyson Sphere; a megastructure that will orbit around a star, collecting the power and energy that humanity needs. Such an undertaking requires resources and you will need to explore the universe, build facilities on many planets, and connect them with an interstellar logistic network in a galaxy-wide production empire.


  • Create a galactic industrial empire from scratch: start with a small workshop and improve it until it spans the whole galaxy.
  • Develop your very own Dyson Spheres, a megastructure that orbits around stars, harnessing all its power and energy, from the first screw to its completion.
  • Explore a vast universe procedurally generated with all kinds of celestial bodies: neutron stars, white dwarfs, red giants…
  • Build mechas to fly, sail or jump through outer space and alien planets.
  • Transport materials across the galaxy to your facilities: thousands of transport ships will flow endlessly to your factories and back!
  • Design the most efficient automated factory and production line.
  • Customize your factory and Dyson Sphere to make it unique.
  • Design a balanced power network, capable of producing energy in all kinds of power plants like wind turbines, artificial stars…

The game is currently available on Steam Early Access for $19.99/€16.79/£15.49.

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