E-Sports Betting – A Guide For Beginners To Betting On Online Casinos

E-Sports Betting – A Guide For Beginners To Betting On Online Casinos

In Europe, e-sports are still more of a niche existence, but that is changing rapidly. No wonder, because e-sports betting are exciting, offer a variety (to real sports betting), often good odds and numerous other advantages. In this post you will find everything you need to know about e-sports betting, betting options, e-sports betting providers or online casinos as well as tips and tricks.

What are e-sports bets anyway?

In e-sports, teams face each other and duel in the most famous computer games in the world. The competitions are not (only) conducted from the home PC. On the contrary, the on-site events are real major events. And you can bet on exactly these events or individual games from them with trusted online casinos.

The games are broadcast on large screens and there is a huge fan base in the auditorium. The followers now pay homage to the best actors in the scene like stars. According to our e-sports experience, all of this is not so absurd, because money rules the world here too. The top players earn well over half a million dollars a year. Even some tennis or soccer professionals have to stretch tremendously to penetrate these regions. The top competitions in reward money sum to millions of dollars. The major events are sometimes followed by over five million viewers on the Internet. That means a lot of potential for bettors and online casinos.

How does betting on e-sports work in detail?

Basically, betting online on e-sports is just as easy or complicated (depending on the point of view of experience) as betting on real sports.

For a better explanation, here is an example: Let’s take an encounter in LOL between Cloud 9 and TSM. Your e-sports online casino tells you that the odds are 1.35 for Cloud 9. You then bet 10 euros on a successful start in Cloud 9. If you win or Cloud 9 wins, your stake will now be multiplied by a factor of 1.35:

  • 10 euros as stake x 1.35 as odds = 13.50 euros as profit

When combining bets, the sum of the winnings increases significantly as the stake is calculated on each of the odds:

  • Stake amount x first rate x second rate x third rate, etc. = proceeds

So if you pay 10 euros on Cloud 9 vs. TSM places and combines this e-sports bet with another discipline – for example the overall victory of G2 in a tournament – which is quoted with 2.9, you win the following if both tips apply:

  • 10 euros as stake x 1.35 at first rate x 2.90 at second rate = 39.15 euros as profit

Of course, being right in both cases is far less likely than just one of the events, which is associated with a higher risk.

Unique: e-sports betting at Unikrn – bet on yourself!

It almost sounds a little absurd because it is so incredibly unusual: With Unikrn online casino you can bet on your own game in Umode. Sounds like a shift, but it’s not here. Unikrn specifies exactly when this bet is won and only allows you to bet on yourself and not against yourself.

An example would be a match in League of Legends “Rule the Summoner’s Rift”. Here you get 183 euros with a stake of 100 euros (i.e. a rate of 1.83). You can only bet on three markets, namely the match win, the top kill rate, and the win or that you will only die once in the game and take the win home with you. This type of bet is also available at CS: GO or Fortnite, for example.

Another interesting innovation from Unikrn is the moneymatches. A bet on yourself is also rewarded here. You can create a lobby at Unikrn in the most popular games and then compete against players from all over the world. If you emerge as the winner, you win a small bet.

Which e-sports bets are there?

In terms of betting, e-sports are quite easy. You can usually bet on the winner of an encounter. This is a classic two-way betting market. A draw is theoretically not possible.

In addition, there are “long-term odds” for the individual tournaments and the winner of a complete series. Each team is given appropriate quotas. The offers are adjusted based on the current results. You will receive the highest benefit if you can set your strategy earlier.

Some online casinos also have combination or system bets in their program. You can combine several games here. The odds of the encounters are multiplied. Due to the high risk, we recommend this type of bet only to professionals.

In addition, special bets are increasingly being made available. In League of Legends or Counter-Strike, for example, these would be “First Blood” bets. Live betting has also become commonplace. This is hardly surprising because most e-sports encounters are very easy to follow live on the net, which of course creates optimal conditions for such bets.

The most common options for e-sports betting are:

  • Single bets
  • Combination bets
  • Special bets
  • Live to bet

How good are the e-sports betting odds? – And what are the chances of winning?

The e-sports betting odds are roughly in the tennis range. The favorites are around 1.4 to 1.6. The underdog teams are given quotes between 2.2 and 2.6. In the long-term range – especially for the complete series – it goes much higher. Tippers who have the necessary instinct can even put together their own surebets.

When it comes to finding and calculating the betting odds, the online casinos currently still have a lot of trouble and trouble. The strengths of the teams cannot always be clearly determined. Betting enthusiasts who deal intensively with the subject certainly have the chance to achieve success with real value bets. The online casino can be beaten one or two snippets. While the online casino usually hit the probability of the result with pinpoint accuracy when predicting the games in the most important football leagues, e-sports can sometimes go haywire – and this is exactly your opportunity to really clear away.

Is there a bonus for e-sports?

Yes, in some cases bonuses are also available for e-sports. There is also the case that you can use the e-sports stakes to unlock possibly collected sports betting bonuses.

For example, if the customer receives a 100 percent deposit bonus of up to 100 euros from his bet at the start, he can – if desired – implement this entirely in the e-sports sector.

Are e-sports betting legal?

From time to time, there is an issue of the legitimacy of video gaming and related e-sports betting. There is a very clear answer to both details: Yes, the games and betting on e-sports are legal.

The games themselves are of course not necessarily suitable for children because they are mostly symbolically “shot” from all pipes. The manufacturers have given the games an age limit for a reason.

The offers from top online casinos are legal anyway. While there is still an uncertain legal situation throughout the EU when it comes to online gambling, players do not have to worry about being prosecuted if they bet on e-sports thanks to the EU laws that apply in this country. Ultimately, it does not matter in practice whether the stakes are placed on a soccer match or on an e-sports event.

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