E3: PC Master Race – The show. Updates and links to streams here

E3: PC Master Race – The show. Updates and links to streams here

We’ve had the EA conference, the xbox press conference and  the Bethesda one. Following eachother up today: Square Enix, Ubisoft, the PC Gaming Show and Playstation. See the times below for your local time if you want to watch the stream.

Square Enix:  San Francisco: 10AM / New York: 1PM / London: 6PM / Berlin: 7PM / Moscow: 8PM / Beijing: 1AM (June 12th) / Tokyo: 2AM (June 12th) / Sydney: 3AM (June 12th)

Ubisoft: San Francisco: 1PM / New York: 4PM / London: 9PM / Berlin: 10PM / Moscow: 11PM / Beijing: 4AM (June 12th) / Tokyo: 5AM (June 12th) / Sydney: 6AM (June 12th)

PC gaming show: San Francisco: 3PM / New York: 6PM / London: 11PM / Berlin: 12PM (June 12th) / Moscow: 3AM (June 12th) / Beijing: 6AM (June 12th) / Tokyo: 7AM (June 12th) / Sydney: 8AM (June 12th)

PlayStation: San Francisco: 6PM / New York: 9PM / London: 2AM (June 12th) / Berlin: 3AM (June 12th) / Moscow: 6AM (June 12th) / Beijing: 9AM (June 12th) / Tokyo: 10AM (June 12th) / Sydney: 11AM (June 12th)

You can view the PC Gamer Show on Twitch here.The update notifications will be written in San Fransisco time.

3PM: Start of the PC Gaming Show stream!

  1. Satisfactory
    A game where you build machines and infrastructure as you harness the power of natural resources.It’s like Factorio up close!
  2. Neo Cab
    Futuristic-looking story-type of game where you are a cab driver in an ever-modernizing world.
  3. Mavericks Proving Grounds
    A Battle Royale game with destructible environments.
  4. The Forgotten City
    A first-person puzzle and adventure game where you need to try and find out who is responsible for a terrible fate that lies upon your people.
  5. Star Control Origins
    A game where you get to explore space and thousands of planets and species. Also includes ship-vs-ship battle. Releasing September 20th, 2018.
  6. The Hunt: Showdown
    More different weapons and more stuff.
  7. Archangel: Hellfire
    Multiplayer adaptation of a popular single player game.
  8. The Sinking City
    A Lovecraftian type of game with action and exploration in an open world.
  9. Warframe: The Sacrifice
    Update for the game that’s coming this month.
  10. SEGA: Shenmue I & II, Shining Resonance, Yakuza Kiwami, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Yakuza 0
  11. Killing Floor 2 updates
    Weapon Upgrade System, Summer Side Show involving Steampunk.. New enemies such as robots and new weapons.
  12. Man Eater
    Play as a shark. Eat people. Destruct things.
  13. Bravery Network Online
    In the spirit of having more choices than fighting, it seems to be a turn-based game with multiple options to attack.
  14. Morning Star
    A game involving harvesting stuff in a fake world, defining what is real and what isn’t.
  15. Overwhelm
    A very retro 2D shooting adventure, Available now.
  16. Jurassic World Evolution
    The expected game that will release tomorrow where you manage your own Jurassic themed parc. It’s Rollercoaster Tycoon X Jurassic World!
  17. Stormland (VR)
    An Open World VR Game where you play a special robot trying to reclaim the previously beautiful lands that are overtaken by evil.
  18. Night Call
  19. Sable
    A game with a very special art style where you are a creature living in a sandy world. Everything looks hand-drawn in 3D. It’s an open-world exploration game.
  20. Star Citizen
  21. Genesis Alpha One
    It looks like a combination of resource gathering and base defending, all in first person. In space.
  22. Don’t Starve Hamlet
    More of the same type of Don’t Starve with new things to do, enemies and items.
  23. Overkill’s The Walking Dead
    Made by the people that made the Payday series, a Walking Dead series! Shoot ‘m up.
  24. Walking Dead Season 3
    Release date August 14th, 2018
  25. A procedurally generated world where every pixel is simulated (name?)
    It looks a lot like an adventurous type of Terraria game
  26. Two Point Hospital
    Something that looks a lot like Theme Hospital, where you run a hospital and try to cure every individual as they are sick in different ways.
  27. Realm Royale
    A free Battle Royale game with a comic-type of style.
  28. Ooblets
    A creature-collection farming simulator with a colorful style
  29. Anno 1800
    City building, economic management, and naval warfare.
  30. Rapture Rejects
    A Cyanide and Happiness top-down Battle Royale game! Humor, weirdness, casual action!
  31. Hitman 2
    Agent 47 goes to Miami. The sun on your balding head, your knife in an unaware opponent. November 13, 2018
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