E3: Revolving around Devolver. Updates and links to streams here

E3: Revolving around Devolver. Updates and links to streams here

Yesterday we were here for the EA conference, and today we will check out the Xbox, Bethesda, and Devolver conferences. This post will focus on The Devolver conference, click here for the xbox press conference earlier today and click here for the Bethesda one.

XboxSan Francisco: 1PM / New York: 4PM / London: 9PM / Berlin: 10PM / Moscow: 11PM / Beijing: 4AM (June 11th) / Tokyo: 5AM (June 11th) / Sydney: 6AM (June 11th)

Bethesda: San Francisco: 6.30 PM / New York: 9.30 PM / London: 2.30AM (June 11th) / Berlin: 3.30AM (June 11th) / Moscow: 4.30AM (June 11th) / Beijing: 9.30 AM(June 11th)/ Tokyo: 10.30PM(June 11th) / Sydney: 11.30AM  (June 11th)

Devolver: San Francisco: 8 PM / New York: 11 PM / London: 4AM (June 11th) / Berlin: 5AM (June 11th) / Moscow: 6AM (June 11th) / Beijing: 11 AM(June 11th)/ Tokyo: 12AM(June 11th) / Sydney: 1PM  (June 11th)

Check out the Devolver stream yourself! Click here! . The update notifications will be written in San Fransisco time.

8 PM: Devolver Conference Starts!

I’m just going to give my personal opinion on this and a warning. The Devolver stream is full of swearing, very bad humor and violent placement fillers. It’s a follow-up of last years. There. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  1. Scum
    Open World Survival
  2. My friend Pedro (Blood, bullets, bananas)
    A 2D bullet-time type of game where you get to use the environment to shoot up people as your character dances around with guns. No really, I’m serious.
  3. I’m not.. sure.. if I should take anything else seriously in this stream
    No really, I don’t dare to announce anything else because everything was filled with sarcasm during the stream. It was short anyway.


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