Early Access announced for Lords and Villeins

Early Access announced for Lords and Villeins

Today, Honestly Games and 1C Entertainment have announced that their newest city-building strategy sim, Lords and Villeins, will be coming to Early Access on GOG, Steam and Epic Games Store on September 30th.

In Lords and Villeins, you’ll build a medieval society with prosperous lands and family trees persisting throughout the ages. In this society, you’ll levy taxes, manage its production system and recruit strong and brave warriors to defend your kingdom. In the Early access version, you can get a good look on the game’s core mechanics with lots of resources for production, different zones and professions, animal husbandry and a lot of customization for the royal family alongside an AI that simulates the peasants’ households.

For more info on Lords and Villeins, you can check out the game’s official website here and for a first look at the game, you can check out the Early Access trailer below this post.


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