Early Access version of 2084 out now on Steam

Early Access version of 2084 out now on Steam

The dark world of cyberpunk dystopia awaits with Feardemic releasing 2084, its first person shooter with hacking mechanics, on Steam Early Access. The game casts players into the role of Laura Lofi, a junior researcher at Chiron Incorporated, sent on a mission into a horrifying post-apocalyptic labyrinth filled with deadly hostiles. In order to eliminate her deadly enemies and, ultimately, escape, she has to use an array of computer hacking commands on the fly while engaging in combat. Expect eerie plot twists and techno-thrills in 2084 with regular updates as it transitions into its commercial launch expected in 2020.

2084 features a unique blend of fast-paced first person shooter mechanics mixed with computer hacking abilities to create a truly original play experience,” said Martin Kawa, CEO of Feardemic. “The Early Access version of the game is fully functioning and we have been receiving great feedback from players on both the story mode and on Chiron’s endless training arena mode. In the latter, foes are numerous and ammunition is scarce, forcing players to hone their shooting skills and reaction times to gain an advantage and climb up the leaderboard.”

The game was fully developed in a 72-hour internal game jam. It is an intense first-person shooter where player success in dependent on their skill as a hacker as much as a marksman. Only by hacking the network for perks such as ammunition and augmented health stats will players stand a chance of getting out of the mysterious cyberpunk chamber while under the constant deluge of mindless, murderous creatures. The Early Access version will include two game modes: a story mode where players must kill enemies and level bosses before facing off against the game’s final, most challenging adversary, and then an endless mode where gamers face off wave after wave of enemies, killing everything in sight to gain top ranking on the 2084 leaderboards.

An early access version of 2084 is available now on Steam.

Watch the trailer below.

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