Effie developer diary and release date

Effie developer diary and release date

Action platformers have been a popular thing in the past, thanks to modernization of video games this genre has become more and more absent in favor for other genres. To try their take on the classic play-style developer Inverge Studios tried their best to create a good 3D platformer that pays homage to its predecessors. As it is already backed by the Square Enix Collective getting a 91% approval rate you know that the game won’t be bad. The developers now explain in their dev diary how it is creating a classic game in modern times and answer many questions that the community has.


  • Fight enemies, solve puzzles and explore an open world in this colorful adventure
  • Explore the beautiful lands of Oblena, full of dark magic
  • Travel with your faithful companion… the shield! It’ll be useful for fighting, guiding you and even navigating the colorful world of Effie
  • Live again the classic 3D puzzle platformer experience with this tribute to the classic games of the genre

Effie will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 for the European and American digital store for €19,99 /$19,99 June 4th.

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