Eggcelerate! – Review
Follow Genre: Physics Puzzle
Developer: Tim Beaudet
Publisher: Tim Beaudet
Platform: PC
Tested On: PC

Eggcelerate! – Review

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Easter, the happy time when children hunt for chocolate eggs, enjoy spring, and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Eggcelerate! brings us in the holiday feeling by having us drive around colorful eggs, in a nice basket, mounted on top of our vehicle. Be sure not to drop the egg or you will make many people sad (and a mess).   


Eggcelerate! is an arcade game at its core, meaning that each level consists of you making it to the finish. There is no backstory, no cutscenes, or any explanation why you are there. The game is just about overcoming obstacles to safely deliver the egg at the end of each stage. It isn’t bad that there isn’t a story flow or anything, as it suits the quick bite-sized gameplay that the game offers.


The game looks very colorful and oozes a child-friendly atmosphere. While at first sight, it looks like a game that has been ported from a mobile device, the quality proves otherwise. Visually all the assets are simple 3D models, yet thanks to the many diverse vehicles, baskets and eggs, each run feels very unique. While trying your best to get the egg to the finish you will notice the different locations that you are playing on. You’ll notice that some maps show you parts you cannot access immediately, as some different levels take place on the same map. It’s quite fun to speculate on what the other track in this specific world will be when you’re working your way through your current one.


Just like the cuteness of the graphics, the game’s sound design will make you feel warm inside. The many sound effects that the game has all sound like they are voiced by an actor, reminding you of people who are playing around with their kids, or just the noise the kids themselves make to act out their endeavors. It really makes the game sound cute, and to be honest, the mouth-made car noises are both cute and unique.


Eggcelerate! is a physics-based puzzle game where you need to deliver a fragile egg over a finish line by carrying it in a basket on the top of your vehicle. The egg will roll around in its basket and if you aren’t careful enough it will fly out and bounce on your car, or even worse, break on the floor. Highly skilled players will be able to manipulate the G forces applied to the egg, yet it takes a professional to truly master this skill. Don’t get intimidated just yet, the game isn’t that difficult once you get the hang of it.

The first few levels are rather simple as you just drive from point A to point B, with pretty straight roads or small bends. As the levels progress, you will have to overcome obstacles such as traps, bridges, ramps, loopings and tight corners. Most obstacles can be evaded by driving slow and carefully, yet some jumps need to be taken at the right speed or else they will fail.

In total there are 30 levels to complete with a small amount of replay-ability. To progress, you just need to make it over the finish line in one piece. When you are up for the challenge, however, then you can always try to beat the track’s time or even the developer’s record. That being said, if you just want to complete the levels then you will be let down by the fact that you can ‘finish’ this game in less than an hour.

Controlling your vehicle is easy, yet it can take a moment to master as you have to consider the egg moving around on top of your car and ensure that it doesn’t fall off. The car moves pretty decently, and when you get used to how it handles, you can plan your trip towards the finish line accordingly.


Eggcelerate! is a fun small game that you can enjoy from time to time or try to completely master by beating the developer’s time. The graphics and sound design are pretty professionally handled, and while it might look like a kids’ game, it sure is challenging for adults. The gameplay feels good and with 30 levels at your disposal, you can play it for a bit, especially when trying to hit more goals. If you aren’t a fan of retrying stages to get the best time, you might be disappointed being able to complete the game within an hour.

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Eggcelerate! – Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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