EIZO FG2421 – Hardware Review
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EIZO FG2421 – Hardware Review

Good: 240 fps, Design
Bad: Hefty price
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Seeing games are becoming more and more realistic as well as theatrical, we are no longer happy with our 60 frames per second to experience our games. We hope to heighten our gaming experience by equipping ourselves with the necessary hardware. Today we are able to present you with the EIZO FG2421, that just might give you that extra edge, when playing your favorite games.


A first impression leaves us with a seemingly similar monitor, to the other brands we have discussed in the past.  The peak of its design however can be found at the back side of the monitor, where there is an ‘arch’ at the back, that present you with a shade of red and simply a nice designed feature. (For some reason the screen itself looks a lot more slick/smooth than most other brands, which have a seemingly more matte screen.)

One thing that is immediately noticeable with the EIZO monitor is the fact that it cannot be tilted for you to reach all the access ports. Whilst this hampers user convenience a bit, the ports themselves are still fairly easy to reach. Each of the ports have a proper label on the backside of the monitor itself, which again improves user comfort a little. Again we see a HDMI port, the proper audio imput, the USB hub on the side and so on. You will not lack the basic features and more.

Seeing the HDMI port is starting to become more and more common on most gaming monitors, it’s still a fun extra to know that you’ll be able to hook up your favorite console to the FG2421 if you’re in the mode for some console gaming.

Like the Philips 242G5DJEB/00 and the AOC g2460Pqu, the EIZO FG2421 is a 24” monitor, aimed at fairly hardcore gamers. Unlike the two previously mentioned monitors the frames per second (FPS) this monitor can handled is a lot higher. A lot of gaming monitors only handle 144 frames per second, whilst the EIZO FG2421 can handle up to 244 fps. Of course this does not mean everyone can enjoy this smoother experience. You will need the right hardware in your PC to be able to enjoy the fine quality this monitor has to offer you.


The buttons to navigate through the menu’s or simply the volume controls are at the bottom border of the screen, right in the middle, which is in many ways easier to use than most other brands, who put the buttons on the side. However,  it is sad that the buttons themselves or at least the symbols aren’t lit when the monitor is turned on, but other than that they are pretty straightforward. The only exception is the fact that the ‘mode’ button will switch you through the profiles saved on the monitor and the ‘signal’ button will toggle you through the different screen settings. (HDMI, DVI, …)

As mentioned above, the EIZO FG2421 already has a few profiles pre-installed on it, and for the most part they will do for those who play a variety of genres. The standard settings on the monitor are very qualitative and compared to the ones we previously tested, the basic settings might be the clearest of all.

Own opinion

Design wise the arch on the back is something that might convince some gamers, who have a decent budget to spend, over the edge in to buying this screen. The fairly subtle design choice is one that is not to be underestimated. Again the base was easy to adjust, but sadly it did not have the option to go as high as most of the other monitors that have appeared on the site.

Personally I missed the option of being able to tilt the screen 90-ish degrees for me to be able to plug everything in. Luckily the labels on the backside helped me on the way, and the fact there was enough room to reach each port easily helped as well. Still a monitor that comes with this hefty price, the tilting option would not be an excessive luxurious option.


Moving through the menu’s are fairly easy, and the buttons are quite sturdy even though they come in such a small size. The menu’s themselves are straightforward, easy to use and have a clear ‘exit’ option at all times. Those who wish to mess around with the overall settings of the EIZO FG2421 are able to do so, and in addition are easily able to do so.


The EIZO FG2421 may not fall in the budget category of the average (Joe) gamer and might lack a few features like the tilting option, it does not make this a monitor you should walk away from. Hardcore gamers should really check out more about the EIZO FG2421 when considering to purchase a new investment for their gaming set up. The smoothness, the quality and perhaps even the slight touch of design make this a monitor that would suit the more hardcore gamers amongst us.

Click here for a full list of specifications.

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EIZO FG2421 - Hardware Review, 9.2 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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