Elementary: Season 7 (DVD) – Series Review
Follow Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Distributor: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
Episodes: 13
Duration: 42 min (per episode)

Elementary: Season 7 (DVD) – Series Review

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Bad: Some episodes still feel like fillers in this short final season
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Elementary gained a lot of traction by reimagining the story of Sherlock Holmes in our modern-day setting. The very eccentric detective won over the hearts of many and with Lucy Liu as the modern version of Watson, little seemed to go wrong for the series. While Elementary had a strong run for seven years, it seems that Sherlock and Watson have finally cracked their final case, and are retiring from our living rooms. We were lucky enough to view the DVD version of the seventh and final season, allowing us to go through the motions once more.

After confessing to a murder he never committed to save Joan (Lucy Liu), Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson find themselves in London working together with Scotland Yard. Joan is still a bit homesick and cannot fully adapt to their lives there, she still does her best to come to terms with how her current living situation is. While in the middle of a conversation with Sherlock, after Kitty (Ophelia Lovibond) pointed out Joan’s heart is not fully in her new home, Sherlock receives a call from who he thought was captain Gregson (Aidan Quinn). It turns out to be detective Bell (Jon Michael Hill), who informs the duo that Gregson has been shot and the outlook is not so good. It seems now the detective duo will go back to the states to see how they can help their old partners and possibly find the assailant. While Watson is still allowed to enter the United States, Sherlock is not, because of his aforementioned confession.

The flow is pretty much the same as it was in the previous seasons, where separate cases are solved on an episode-by-episode basis. At the same time, however, the red thread that runs through the season further evolves and will inevitably lead to this final season’s conclusion. While you can still enjoy many of the show’s episodes in a random order, the background story that evolves will make things a bit more complicated, making it better to properly pay attention in this final season. Nonetheless, things follow the same format and formula as always.

In terms of acting performances, not much has changed. We still see the familiar four faces during the course of each episode. Jonny Lee Miller still does a formidable job playing the eccentric Sherlock Holmes, who has slowly opened up and grown as a person throughout the course of the seven seasons. Lucy Liu plays the perfect Watson in this modern-day Sherlock Holmes setting, and is now also a badass detective, instead of the somewhat insecure sleuth she started off as. Aidan Quinn, even though he was rendered immobile for a part of the season, still picks up his role as the group’s parental figure quite well. Jon Michael Hill has also grown a lot over the years in his role as detective Marcus Bell. All side-characters are also portrayed by qualitative actors, and we even see Daniel Davis, the beloved Niles from The Nanny enter the stage in this season as well.

The DVD box of the seventh season comes with three special features. You can enjoy a short gag reel, but also hear some of the thoughts of the crew and writers behind the series. But there’s also a rather lengthy sequence about the end of the season, and the ideas behind this final season of the series.


Elementary: Season 7 is a great ending to one of the better detective series that was on television. While we have series such as CSI and NCIS aplenty, this one diverged itself from the competition by making something original out of an already antiquated story and set of characters. If you’ve been a fan since day one, you will certainly have a hard time giving up this adventurous detective series. If you have not viewed Elementary yet, but are interested in a proper detective series, we can recommend this one, especially because it dropped the curtain before it went stale.

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Elementary: Season 7 (DVD) - Series Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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