Embark on your own Athenian Rhapsody today

Embark on your own Athenian Rhapsody today

Today sees the launch of Athenian Rhapsody on all platforms. Described as a “choose-your-own-adventure action RPG with the ability to trade entire playthroughs between friends,” the game also offers a free demo available on PlayStation, Switch, and Steam. Created by solo developer Nico Papalia, Athenian Rhapsody focuses on vibrant, tongue-in-cheek storytelling. Players can explore the colorful world of Athens, make friends, participate in various mini-games such as weight-lifting, shooting bugs, or drawing their own bosses, and face challenging tasks like “Carry A Feather” as they travel from town to town. Each player’s journey results in a unique story, or Rhapsody, which can be shared online with others.


  • Explore the colorful world of Athens, traveling from town to circus to UFOs piloted by cats, while creating your own Rhapsody.
  • Take a personality test that reveals your deepest desires.
  • Recruit from 16 potential companions, each with a distinct personality.
  • Engage in battles with a wide variety of enemies, which can be fought or befriended.
  • Experience unique mechanics, including intense battles and Souls-like dating features.
  • Play challenging mini-games like spelling your name, dodging space invaders, copying circus mimes, and paying taxes.
  • Enjoy a branching narrative with different endings based on your choices and friendships.

Athenian Rhapsody is notable for its unique gameplay, vibrant world, and humor, along with a cross-platform online system. Paying tribute to classic games like Earthbound and absurdist comedy, porting studio and publisher Top Hat Studios, Inc. is bringing the game to PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Play, and the Apple App Store.

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