Empire Of Embers DEV Blog Dive-In


With Empire of Embers’ Early Access, released back in March, the game has been keeping press and players alike up-to-date with weekly game changes in their dev blog series. From the start of the Early Access up until now the game has been receiving many updates, all aimed at improving its performance while implementing new content and features. You can follow the game’s progress from the first Dev Blog up until the recent ones here.

Empire of Embers is a first-person action RPG that combines real-time strategy and management elements. In other words, Age of Empires but in the first-person perspective. For more insights into the gameplay, please check the video below. As mentioned before, the game is currently in its Early Access state available through steam by clicking here.

Key Features:

  • Dual wield spells and weaponry in first-person thrilling battles of up to a hundred units. Fight directly where you are most needed, or command your soldiers using real-time strategy mechanics for more tactical encounters.
  • With a library of over 2,500 assets, players can build, design, and customize their city to the fullest.
  • Defend your own fully destructible 3D town and level enemy cities to the ground.
  • Explore the shifting world of Domus. Maps and dungeons will keep on changing with each new campaign and save file.
  • Manage your economy, resources and hold court to make decisions that will change the story’s course to different game endings.
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