Enchance your RPG experience with Multiverse Designer, live now on Kickstarter!

Enchance your RPG experience with Multiverse Designer, live now on Kickstarter!

Toopan Games has just launched the Kickstarter campaign for Multiverse Designer, offering a virtual tabletop and storytelling tool tailored for game masters and storytellers. Multiverse Designer is designed to provide an intuitive yet robust system, empowering users to craft intricate and immersive narratives. Users can create 3D environments from scratch using a drag-and-drop interface, customizing details such as lighting, layout, floor textures, and height. Additionally, they can populate these environments with adventurers, NPCs, or monsters. Multiverse Designer boasts immersive features such as the Roleplay Theater tool, enabling real-time lip-syncing for character animation, and a fog of war system with dynamic light and shadow effects, enhancing the player’s perspective within the game world. Multiverse Designer offers a diverse range of features, allowing users to create and host RPG experiences across various genres, from fantasy to sci-fi. The platform provides extensive customization options for level design, asset libraries for sharing creations, and compatibility with external 3D assets for limitless possibilities.

Key features::

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop UI for creating 3D environments
  • Vast library of 3D assets for fantasy, sci-fi, and realistic settings
  • Customizable textures, colors, and lighting sources
  • Encounter Spawner tool for populating environments with animated models
  • Real-time lip-syncing with the Roleplay Theater tool
  • Dynamic fog of war system for immersive gameplay
  • Support for online multiplayer RPG sessions or as a virtual support tool for physical games with friends.

With a funding goal of $60,000 USD to be reached within 60 days, Multiverse Designer seeks support from the RPG community to realize its full potential. If you’re interested, you can back the Kickstarter campaign here

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