Energy Cycle Edge – Review
Follow Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Sometimes You
Publisher: Sometimes You
Platform: PS4, Switch, Xbox One
Tested on: Switch

Energy Cycle Edge – Review

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Good: Train your brain with a colorful puzzle
Bad: It's a lot of the same with no change of graphics in different levels.
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Sometimes You has been making Energy puzzle games for a while, and recently they released a sequel to their game, Energy Cycle called Energy Cycle Edge. The Sequel Energy Cycle Edge builds on the previous game and adds a 3D effect to make it even harder to solve the puzzles. The game was released for the PS4, Switch and Xbox One. We got the chance to test the Switch version and train our brain with puzzles.


There is no story in Energy Cycle Edge present. Since it is a puzzle game, it isn’t really missed, even though there are some random characters present that are just mascots without a backstory. It might have been nice to use them to explain a bit of the game but the developers chose not to.


Energy Cycle Edge is very bright and colorful but doesn’t have a whole lot of different graphics. There are 3 different “cells”: Icey white, hot red and leafy green. Then you also get a starry black background. There is a girl on the home screen and a different girl that appears when you’ve finished a level, with a few other robot looking mascots included with those two girls. Other than that there aren’t a lot of different designs in the game which isn’t really necessary. However, a few more designs of the cells could have been a nice addition to change it up a bit. You can select “Classic cell” design in the options, this just changes all the cells to more energy like ones but is still the same in every level.


The music in Energy Cycle Edge is a mix of exciting and calm in a sort of ambient/lounge genre. Some tracks also weirdly seem to have a guy talking on the background.  Other than the background music there aren’t many other sound effects present in the game. It might have been nice to add a few more for selecting orbs or selecting levels or a more clearer completion sound. Unless the developers are planning to add more sounds, it is a bit bare sound wise.


Energy Cycle Edge is a puzzle game where you have to try to get every energy cell in the same color. What color the energy cells end up as is your choice, as long as they are all the same color. There are three color options, which appear in every level; Leafy Green, Icey White/Blue, and Fiery Red. If you choose the “Classic Cell” color option, cells will have the classic Energy Cycle look with light blue, Dark blue and green as colors.  You have a green energy cursor which you can move around and select a cell with. When you select a cell it changes to the next color and with it change all the colors of the cells in a straight line with the original one. If you change a cell that is in a corner, you will change both lines of cells that the corner one is touching.

From the start, you are able to play all levels but it is, of course, best to play the levels in order. The first 10 levels the orbs are all on the same surface so 180° but level 11-28 are 90° so one extra orb surface is added perpendicular on the other one. You are able to use the L and R button to switch sides. Since the orbs connect with each other on each side, it makes it trickier to make everything the same color. Level 29-36 is 45° so there you will have to make four directions of cells the same color while they are all perpendicular on each other. Level 37-44 are all cube forms. Every side is attached to each other, so if you change the color of one line, you’ll still have to make sure that the one attached to the corner gets the same color as well.

As you play through the first ten levels you will develop a few techniques but then when you try the 90° or higher levels you notice that the same tricks don’t always work anymore with the extra direction added. These levels will for sure make you rethink and retry over and over again. There are no tutorial or hints available, so you will have to figure it out by yourself. Different people will for sure discover different techniques that work for them. You can compare these puzzles a bit with a Rubik’s cube since new people trying it will also have no idea how to finish the puzzle. Experts that know all the little tricks, will be able to finish a cube, or a level in this case, in a record time Once you have played every level, you could put the ”Random Colors” option on in the options menu. So when you start a level, it randomizes the cell colors.


Energy Cycle Edge is a game that is very simple but still makes your mind work overtime. You will have to develop your own technique using your own brain without any hints. The game can keep you busy for a pretty long time, certainly the levels with a bigger amount of . It is the perfect simple brain training for all ages. If you like puzzles and bright colors and are looking for something to kill time, then Energy Cycle Edge is the game for you.

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Rating: 8.3/10 (4 votes cast)
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Energy Cycle Edge - Review, 8.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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