Energy Heroes closed alpha coming soon

Energy Heroes closed alpha coming soon

Energy Heroes is a multiplayer game that features the accuracy of a TPS and the strategic elements of MOBA, such as the cover and sprinting system. The game defines itself in an unexplored genre, namely the MOSS, which is short for Multiplayer Online Strategical Shooter.

The closed alpha of Energy Heroes will be available on July 15th, which means that the developers DSC Studio22 will be unlocking several features of the game. If you want to participate in the closed alpha, all you have to do is sign up here. Only the luckiest of players will receive an invite to the closed alpha however so you may want to try via their social network pages. Either way, the alpha is coming!

What will the closed alpha be featuring? Well, the alpha will allow the player to access to 3vs3 game mode and its content. Players will also have access to five playable mercenaries, each of a different race and each with different skills. Energy Heroes will feature a diversified gameplay on dynamic 3D maps in a rich and fascinating sci-fi universe. Additionally, players will be able to personalize their characters via the means of weapons and skins.

Be sure to check out the trailer below!
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