Enter the mine in SHAFTED next month!

Enter the mine in SHAFTED next month!

Today, developer Looch Labs announced the release date for their debut title SHAFTED. In this resource management game, players are challenged with building a mini mining company, optimizing their mineral outputs, and paying off their contracts before they get…well, shafted.

Key Features

  • Micro-mining management. Manage for primary minerals; stone, copper, iron, and gold. Each mineral is required for a different use, from purchasing buildings to mining upgrades.
  • An optimized miner is a happy miner. Enter any mineshaft to optimize your outputs. Upgrade mines to increase potential optimized output for the mined resource.
  • Mine every day. SHAFTED plays like most turn-based tactic games. Every day offers you a new opportunity to place mines, optimize output or pay contracts.
  • Short mining contracts. SHAFTED is designed to offer quick and replayable gameplay sessions. A typical mining run will require getting dirty for just 30 minutes. If you choose to keep getting shafted then that’s on you.

SHAFTED is releasing on Steam for PC and Linux on the 13th of October, for €4.99/$4.99. A demo for SHAFTED will be available via Steam.

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