Eon Altar: Watcher in the dark

Eon Altar: Watcher in the dark

Eon Altar, a game brought to you by Flying Helmet Games is concluding his first season with his third and final episode, episode 3: Watcher in the dark. Releasing on January 19, 2017, episode 3 will require both episodes 1 and 2 to play. Also cool to know: Eon Altar offers you the possibility to connect your smartphone for extra in-game content, which adds some new and extra features. With one steam account it’s possible to connect up to four players through this FREE app.

This third episode takes off after the defeat of Lady Allevia and putting an end to her centuries-old torment. Being saved by a mysterious, powerful figure, you are left in the dark caves below the Catacombs. Take a journey through ancient ruins, be prepared to survive the madness.

Episode III – Watcher in the Dark adds three hours of new content, through 2 new chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – The Paths of Madness
  • Chapter 2 – Hall of the Builders

Watch the final episode of Eon Altar in this new trailer:



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