Epic Chef features a new partnership

Epic Chef features a new partnership

Team17 and Infinigon Games have announced their partnership to publish their upcoming culinary life sim, Epic Chef. This game is currently in development for PC.

In this game, players will find themselves in the city of Ambrosia as Zest, a mysterious new stranger in town. You’ll be taking on master chefs of this town in culinary combat to fight for the title of the best chef in town.

This game allows you to experiment with thousands of different ingredients to create a unique menu for your customers. Food fights in this game are not entirely what you’d think they are. Here, you’re graded on a variety of things and each judge will have their own tastes, making every battle different. Epic Chef also has quite a humorous narrative that makes it look like a fun game to play.

Epic Chef will release in the nearby future. A specific release date has not been given out yet. Check out the trailer below for more info on Epic Chef.

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