Epic Mickey 2 coming to PSVita

Epic Mickey 2 coming to PSVita

Disney’s Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two was an unabashed failure in terms of commercial success, the game sold a little over 270,000 units in the US and just over 530,000 world wide. So, its no surprise that Disney is looking for some way to sell more units of the game to try and make back some money on their investment with Junction Point studios.

Epic Mickey Vita

Epic Mickey 2 was recently announced on Sony’s European gaming blog as an upcoming release to the Playstation Vita. Along with porting the beleaguered game to Sony’s hand held the game is getting some exclusive features to take advantage of the new hardware, the Vita version is coming with an exclusive co-op mode over wi-fi, along with touch controls for accurate painting and tilt controls.

No release date was given, or whether or not the Vita version will make its way to other regions along with Europe. The game is headed to store shelves later this year.

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