Escape from Tarkov – New update has arrived

Escape from Tarkov – New update has arrived

Exciting news for the Escape from Tarkov players; a new update has arrived for the game. the new update features a bunch of new stuff including, new weapons and equipment, smoke grenades, flash bangs, and also a new boss.

The 0.9 update of Escape from Tarkov will include the first of the planned Scav bosses: Dealmaker. He runs a small but capable gang of four. Scav bosses will be more complicated and intelligent than regular Scav enemies. An interesting feature the Scav bosses will have is the ability to call in reinforcements when their gangs suffer heavy casualties. The Dealmaker’s gang will have a variety of weapons and grenades and will also be able to use medical supplies when necessary. Dealmaker is an aggressive but charismatic leader who keeps his gang in check. He and his gang can be found in the dorm blocks or in the vicinity of the gas station at the Customs. Since this is the first Scav boss that has been added, his features and abilities are not final and will still be reworked in other updates.

This update will also include Nvidia Highlights which allows players to record intense firefights during the raids. All players that have a graphics card that can support the technology will be able to use this. Several new items and weapon mods have also been added in the update and of course, bug fixes and improvements are also included. Armbands in basic colors have also been added so players can easier tell friend from foe. There is also a major event coming to the game very soon to Escape from Tarkov so keep an eye on our site so that you don’t miss the announcement!


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