ESDigital Games brings four titles to Dinos vs Robots Steam Fest!

ESDigital Games brings four titles to Dinos vs Robots Steam Fest!

ESDigital Games is pleased to announce that they will be participating in the Dinos vs Robots Steam Fest, scheduled to run from February 26th to March 4th. The event will showcase four titles from the indie publisher’s upcoming portfolio. Two of the upcoming titles, AWAKEN: Astral Blade and Memory Lost, will feature free playable demos as part of the promotion. Additionally, REMEDIUM: Sentinels will be available at a discounted rate of 25% throughout the event. In addition to these titles, the arcade shooter Robo50, developed by Reset Games, will also be highlighted in the Dinos vs Robots Steam Fest lineup, offering fans the opportunity to download a playable demo via Steam. All titles are currently open for Wishlist additions on Steam.

Robo50 presents players with a fast-paced arcade-style shooter experience, boasting retro 16-bit pixel-art graphics. Players assume the role of a mechanized figure clad in Robo50 body armor, tasked with combating criminal activity and restoring order to the streets. The game involves destroying gang hideouts, eliminating weapon caches, and ultimately confronting the criminal mastermind behind it all.

AWAKEN: Astral Blade invites players to immerse themselves in a dark 2D Metroidvania adventure, following the journey of Tania, a bionically enhanced protagonist. As players delve deep into rainforest ruins, they uncover ancient secrets while unraveling the mysteries of Tania’s own past and destiny.

Memory Lost offers a story-driven action shooter experience, incorporating innovative gameplay mechanics centred on capturing enemies’ minds and assuming control of their bodies. With limited resources available, players must adapt to survive by switching between bodies.

REMEDIUM: Sentinels gives players the chance to become a Sentinel, engaging in a roguelite fast-paced auto-shooter set in the same world as the previous REMEDIUM game. By combining items and alchemical elements, players can craft powerful weapons and devise unique strategies to protect plague survivors from hordes of mutants.

The Dinos vs Robots Steam Fest will continue until March 4th, 2024.

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