ESO’s Wrathstone DLC gets a release date

ESO’s Wrathstone DLC gets a release date

Bethesda has announced a release date for its new Elder Scrolls Online DLC, named Wrathstone. This brand-new DLC, filled with new content, will launch the 25th of February on PC and Mac, and the 12th of March on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This new DLC challenges you, and up to three other players, to discover both halves of the mysterious Wrathstone-tablet in two brand-new dungeons, namely Depths of Malatar and Frostvault. Both dungeons offer new challenging monsters and boss-fights, and new challenges reap new rewards, with unique items, collectibles and sets of equipment.

Aside from the DLC package, Bethesda will also release Update 21, which is a free patch, with new additions and improvements to the base game, such as a brand-new Battleground and PvP reward system, the new Zone Guide System and an update of the Guild Trader UI. The release of Wrathstone also means the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, that runs the entirety of 2019. Year of the Dragon initiates the journey to a ESO’s next chapter, The Elder Scrolls: Elsweyr.

For more information on the Wrathstone DLC, or on Update 21, be sure to visit their official website here.

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