Esports Life: Ep.1 – Dreams of Glory – Review
Follow Genre: RPG
Developer: U-Play Online
Publisher: U-Play Online, Raiser Games
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Esports Life: Ep.1 – Dreams of Glory – Review

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Good: Puts you on the road to becoming an e-sports master
Bad: The road is repetitive and buggy
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Esports Life: Ep.1 – Dreams of Glory, the new title from U-Play Online, gives you the possibility to simulate the road to becoming a professional e-sport gamer. You will have to do chores, make friends and flirt with them, go to school and get smarter while begging your mother for allowance so you are able to go to the e-sports café to watch famous streamers or to play the newest hyped up games! 



You play an unnamed boy or girl who, together with his friend Mike, has the aspiration to become a true e-sports master. The road will be long, hard and arduous while also fraught with obstacles such as chores, homework and having to make new friends (ugh). Luckily your friend Mark is there from the start with advice and loads of money so you can train in the true art of gaming until his laptop gets stolen by Russell, the jock douchebag who immediately becomes your nemesis. Luckily, he challenges you and your friends to an e-sports match three days from now and the winner takes the laptop! But it’s just you and Mike at this point so Mike rounds up two random people who instantly become your best friends and together the four of you train to become a well-oiled e-sports team to beat Russell and his three unnamed friends. Needless to say, the story is quite standard while some details do not make sense/are not very well explained.



The visual aspect of the game fits the style and goal of the game, everything has a very cartoony look about it yet it still manages to feel quite sleek. The characters are typically cartoony, with the big head and small body, but don’t look ridiculous. The different locations you can attend all have their own feel to it but unfortunately none of them stand out or have many items you can interact with. The camera control is very sluggish and does not follow your character automatically which results in the player looking at a wall or other obstacles on a regular base.


The soundtrack you hear during the game is very repetitive and hearing the same flute repeatedly will start getting on your nerves. The sounds you hear during the mini games can get irritating as they are quite loud and don’t really fit in most of the time. None of the characters voice anything apart from Sim-like sounds and the only noise your character makes are footsteps when you walk around.



Esports Life: Ep.1 – Dreams of Glory is a simulation RPG which puts you on the path of being an e-sports master. Most of the game revolves around mini-games which you can simulate or play yourself while you have certain free roaming parts where you can talk to people to advance the story. You can choose to just talk to people you meet or to flirt with them, talking requires no input from the player and lowers your stress level while flirting is a frustrating mini game which lacks a proper tutorial and does not seem to offer any bonuses. The stress level is quite important in this game as with a full stress bar you will not be able to do anything such as gaming, chores or attending classes.


Most of your day revolves around doing chores, leeching money of your mum, lowering your stress level by talking to people, upping your energy bar by sleeping or eating while attending school seems to be completely optional (so far for the realism factor). These actions take place in different locations, so be prepared for long loading screens that sometimes last longer than the time you spend in one location.

The mini games are focused around two major themes: either you must click on the red players, reloading on time and making sure to not click on the blue players or you need to ‘memorize’ the order of emoji’s and choose the next one in line (while sometimes the order is quite arbitrary and the next emoji is chosen at random). The e-sports part of the game is a two-dimensional 5v5 game which revolves about using the right card at the right time and to get more Victory Points than the other team to ensure victory. The tutorials for the minigames explain the goal of the relevant game properly apart from flirting, where figuring out what needs to be done to be successful comes down to randomly clicking the correct actions.

The flow of the game feels very forced, the mini-games can be quite frustrating and the realism factor of the game is non-existent which diminishes the fun factor of the game.



Esports Life: Ep.1 – Dreams of Glory is latest title from U-Play Online and is the follow up to Youtuber’s Life which is their previous title. Based on comments from the player base, it appears Esports Life is a complete copy of Youtube Life which the developer has abandoned (no more updates are being released, no new content is added and the player base is no longer being listened to) and the gameplay and graphics between the two titles are identical. The premise of the game is promising but the execution is disappointing – If Esports Life continues getting updates and care from U-Play Online, there is a lot of potential waiting to be discovered.

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