eSports present too many choices

eSports is probably a concept that many will nowadays know, especially when you’re a gamer yourself. The community is sometimes still frowned upon by non-gamers, especially those that hate the term ‘sports’ in the title. Nonetheless, the phenomenon has been growing thanks to games such as League of Legends, DotA, CS:GO, Call of Duty and many other online games. We noticed things were getting big when in 2015 a big documentary was launched worldwide in big theatres called ‘All Work All Play’.

Sometimes life is about making choices, but we still want to enjoy the finer things in life. You can opt to follow your favorite streamer of a title, as Twitch is also a big thing nowadays, but you can also watch YouTube clips, eSports broadcast, go to your local gaming bar (if you have one) or even do some CS:GO gambling if you’re opting for something that is typically combined with watching sports. You can pretty much choose how to enjoy your favorite online games, without having to quit your job or spending that much time away from your family, loved ones, and secretly that big stash of games tucked away under your bed.

When we viewed All Work All Play we saw that you had to sink in many hours into your game of choice to make it big. It was clear that many professional gamers didn’t do this solely for the passion anymore, but also to make a living. We saw popular games being played such as StarCraft II and Counter-Strike. Both games are totally different, but still, they cater to a unified audience that loves to see competitive gaming at a top-level.

Over the years we also took a look at many different games that could have been molded into perfect eSports games, but more than often indie developers struggle with getting their game into the public eye. Nonetheless, there are those that come up with a variation of famous games and create something original. This eventually brought us games such as SMITE, which is pretty much a third-person of League of Legends, but also companies such as Blizzard invest heavily in the online gaming scene. Overwatch might just be the biggest proof of this, as this is a game that is completely played in a competitive nature.

Of course, not everyone can sink that many hours in their favorite game. We all know gamers that have a giant backlog of games they wish to plow through. This is one of those things that is hard to do when you also opt to play online competitive games. It’s sometimes hard to sit back and relax, when you want to climb the leaderboards in one of your favorite games. It’s hard to get that specific reward, or simply to reach a certain status within an online game. World of Warcraft and Diablo were games that were not really competitive in nature, but they started with gear collecting, or at least were one of the most famous examples thereof. We had other online giants such as Ultima: Online, which is now a more obscure title, slowly sinking into a black hole of nothingness due to it being very dated.

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