Eternal Spring hits theatres January 25

Eternal Spring hits theatres January 25

Pretty much everyone knows about China as a country, but few people are familiar with its complex political climate. As history has thought the Chinese: those who oppose the party will suffer. Eternal Spring is an internationally acclaimed movie that has gathered thirteen awards worldwide, that deals with the political state of the nation. The movie brings the true story of a group of Chinese activists that are planning to hack the Chinese state TV. This action is highly dangerous and can be met with a serious fate, like ending up in a camp or worse, dead. The breathtaking story is captured by a mix of live-action and 3D animations.

The story takes place in March 2002. An activist group under the name ‘Falun Gong’ are successful with its highjacking attempt on Chinese Television. This is a spiritual group that wants to refine the body and mind and has respect for values, compassion, tolerance and truthfulness. This thinking is of course against the Chinese government and is thus outlawed by it. Leading up to these events there is an increase in police actions in Changchun, the birth town of said group. This prompts our storyteller Daxiong to leave his hometown as he is a Falun Gong practicer and he safely gets away to North America. Once there he speaks out that the hijacking by the group is the main reason that the police were heavily cracking down on the Changchun region. His remarks are however challenged when he meets the only other surviving group member that has escaped China and now lives in Seoul, South-Korea.

You can grab a piece of the action starting January 25th in Cinema Aventure in Brussels.

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