Eugen Systems’ Act of Agression Pre-alpha gameplay trailer released

Eugen Systems’ Act of Agression Pre-alpha gameplay trailer released

Act of Aggression by Eugen Systems, the developers of the Wargame series of which millions of copies have been sold worldwide, has set a goal for itself. Breathing new¬†life to the RTS genre by using an interesting mix of classic features and innovation. Building your base, managing resources, and mass unit production are some of the many gameplay features you’ll get to see in the first pre-alpha gameplay trailer.

Players will harvest resources on big, authentic maps, build bases strategically, defend said bases, produce a miriad of units to withstand and overcome the enemy. You’ll have to go toe to toe with other players to gain extra resources. Pilots and crew that get left behind on the battlefield can be used as prisoners of war.

In the upcoming months there will be a VIP multiplayer beta test of Act of Agression. The launch is set for Spring 2015.

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