Everhood: Eternity Edition – Review
Follow Genre: Rhythm game
Developer: Foreign Gnomes
Publisher: Blitworks
Platform: PC, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PS4, PS5
Tested on: PS5

Everhood: Eternity Edition – Review

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Good: Great music, Weird story and characters
Bad: Visual presentation can be lacking at times
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Everhood was originally released on PC and Switch two years ago and became an instant indie hit. This original take on a rhythm game that dropped players into a weird and magical world was clearly inspired by one of the most beloved pixel-art games, Undertale. It’s no wonder that fans of this game jumped onto Everhood and praised it for delivering a unique experience. With a sequel on the horizon, the developers bring the original game to the other two consoles in the form of Everhood: Eternity Edition.


The story of Everhood: Eternity Edition is weird but in the best way possible. You take on the role of Red, a wooden doll whose arm is stolen by a grotesque foe called Golden Pig. Now, Red has to travel through a fantastical world to retrieve his lost limb, encountering a ton of bizarre characters along the way. It’s hard to talk more about the narrative without spoiling too much, since the story is filled with twists and surprises. That is what makes this experience such a joy, as not everything makes sense and there are so many surprising elements to the journey that you’ll never know what’s going to happen next.

While the story is a joy to experience, the biggest selling point of Everhood: Eternity Edition’s narrative is the inhabitants of this mysterious world. Each person you come across is brimming with personality and has their own quirks. From a hivemind of gnomes to a vampire that can’t stop sneezing, you’ll be fascinated by each new character you encounter. It’s also nice that most of them aren’t a one-time appearance, which means you’ll encounter them multiple times throughout the story. These often funny but also heartfelt moments help build a connection with the characters and make the world feel alive.


Everhood: Eternity Edition proudly features a 16-bit art style, giving homage to the games of yesteryear. Characters are especially well-designed and have a lot of personality in their looks, making the broadcast even more enjoyable. The backgrounds on the other hand are a mixed bag. Some locations, like a dancehall, for instance, look pretty good, but places like forests are mostly just a path against a black background with the eventual tree. Battles on the other hand look very good, with a more detailed character portrait of whomever you’re facing and a ton of particle effects.


One of the most important parts of a rhythm game is its soundtrack, since you’ll be engaging with it quite a bit. This is where Everhood: Eternity Edition delivers, boasting an expansive library of songs, ranging from a ton of genres. All the songs that you play through represent the enemies you face, meaning that the chill frog will attack you with some guitar tunes, while the eccentric vampire will bombard you with electronic beats in the dancehall. This makes the game a joy to progress through, since you’ll be looking out for the next banger you’ll face.


Everhood: Eternity Edition is a rhythm game that presents you with some adventure game mechanics, featuring a world you’ll travel through with a bunch of characters that need your help. While other games with musical gameplay often present nothing too unique, Everhood: Eternity Edition succeeds in delivering a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Traveling through the world is pretty simple. You’ll just run around and talk to people when you need to. You’ll frequently be required to find the right item or talk to the right person to progress the story, meaning that there isn’t anything too special to do in the overworld. These interactions are a ton of fun, however, since they’re well-written and feature a ton of humor. Aside from this, there are also some mini-games and collectibles that you can engage with.

But the main selling point of Everhood: Eternity Edition is of course its musical battles. You’ll be facing enemies in mostly defensive battles, since dodging is often your only option. These encounters play out on a column of rows, where different forms of attacks will come flying at you on the song’s beat. Here you’ll have the option of jumping over them or stepping to the side, trying to outlast your opponent’s stamina. This is easier said than done, since the attacks will come at a breakneck speed and change in size, meaning not all can be dodged in the same way. Throughout the game, many opponents also deliver unique gameplay mechanics in their fights, like giving you a way to send attacks back or pressure plates that have to be used to move on. This keeps the gameplay fresh and makes every battle stand out even more.

There is also some good news for people who aren’t familiar with these games, since there is a well-designed difficulty mechanic. Lowering the difficulty mostly affects your health and the speed it regenerates, meaning the game becomes more forgiving, and you won’t miss out on any of the great songs. The Eternity Edition of the game also features 16 new songs that can be unlocked by playing through the story, offering some of the biggest challenges the game has to offer.


Everhood was already a great experience when it came out two years ago, and this updated version is just as wonderful. The game features a ton of great songs in fun and challenging battles, delivered via a stellar presentation. Along with the base experience comes another 16 songs that will test your skills, making it even worth buying the game once again to experience these if you’re a fan.

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