Everything you need to know about Lunar Awakening

Everything you need to know about Lunar Awakening

Lunar Awakening, the eagerly awaited mid-season event of Diablo IV Season of Construct, is live now, ready to captivate players until 20th February. Players can look forward to mystical energies infusing shrines across the world, led by Ying-Yue, leader of the Lunar Night Market who arrives in Scosglen to spread awareness and revelry to partake in an ancient Xiansai tradition. To find out more about the event, dive into the below insightful recap which will guide you through what to expect during this enchanting mid-season event, where the intricacies of Lunar Shrines intertwine with the rich narrative of Xiansai’s traditions.

Lunar Shrines and Ancestors Favor

Identify and activate Lunar Shrines across dungeons and the open world within Sanctuary to unlock bonuses. These shrines, adorned with a dragon symbolizing the Lunar Awakening, bestow upon you a 50% bonus XP and a 30% increase in movement speed. Players can engage in both dungeons and overworld activities to accumulate Ancestors Favor reputation. It is a special currency that players can earn by activating Lunar Shrines throughout the game world. It represents the favor and blessings from ancestral spirits, celebrating the Lunar Awakening.

Augmented Lunar Shrine Effects

During the in-game event, players can experience enhanced effects from Lunar Shrines, such as the chance to summon holy bombs, cluster bombardments, increased attack speed, and more. Miserly spirits immediately spawn upon activation, allowing players to capitalize on the specific gameplay augmentations provided by the Lunar Shrines.

Night Market and Lunar Garments

Embark on a journey to Ked Bardu’s Northern section, where Ying-Yue, the leader of the Lunar Night Market, awaits. Redeem your Ancestors Favor reputation for Lunar Renewal-themed rewards such as bounties and garments, which will allow you to embrace a unique aesthetic in celebration of this special occasion.

Rewards and Shop

Unlock a variety of in-game rewards by reaching Reputation thresholds. From cache rewards to weapon skins, player markings, mount trophies, and armours, the Lunar Awakening rewards cater to diverse player preferences. The shop offers event bundles with themes like Gratitude, Power, and Fortune.

Get captivated by mystical energy with Diablo IV Lunar Awakening in-game event now available on Xbox, PlayStation, Battle.net and Steam from Tuesday 6th to Tuesday 20th Lunar Awakening.

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