Evolution: Climate Lands on Nintendo Switch and Steam Today

Evolution: Climate Lands on Nintendo Switch and Steam Today

North Star Games has just announced that their title Evolution: Climate releases today on the Switch and Steam, for both PC and Mac. This bundle contains the original strategy game of adaptation, Evolution Board Game, and its new Climate expansion.

Based on the award-winning board game, this expansion ushers in a new era of strategy by introducing a totally new feature with very deadly consequences: harsh weather conditions. These come in the shape of the Climate Track, which you can monitor and use to your advantage.

With temperature variations ranging from Scorching Hot to Ice Ages and new traits tailored around survival in extreme heat and frigid temperatures, species survival is in your hands more than ever. But this experience is not just strategic; every card in Climate is hand-painted in North Star Digital’s beautiful watercolor style, offering a visually striking, strategically rich expansion for making creatures of near-limitless variety to the base Evolution experience.

Watch the gameplay trailer here:

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