Expansion Encounters for EVERSPACE released on Xbox One

Expansion Encounters for EVERSPACE released on Xbox One

Fans of the rogue-like space shooter EVERSPACE have something to celebrate as ROCKFISH Games released the critically-acclaimed expansion pack Encounters on Xbox One. The extensive expansion adds over 10 hours of additional gameplay to the base game, for a price of $9.99/€9.99/£7.99 or a local equivalent.

We know that are our fans on Xbox have been waiting for this release for a long time, which is why we’re thrilled to launch Encounters on Xbox One, today. Of course, we are still supporting Play Anywhere, so Everspace pilots can delve into even more fast-paced space action and content to explore as well as new deep space encounters to experience on both platforms without paying twice,” says Michael Schade, CEO of ROCKFISH Games.

EVERSPACE Encounters provides the player with access to a new fighter class ship, named the Colonial Sentinel, which is loaded with new weapons and offers a new, distinctive playstyle. Space pilots such as yourself are showered with a range of devices and consumables, including a special shield, and twice as much capacity as the standard model.

The formidable Colonial Sentinel is capable of deep space interdiction and exploration and is armed to the teeth with a range of sophisticated electronic warfare weaponry, such as an EMP Generator, a powerful close-range Lightning Gun and even a Seeker Missile Battery that can launch a fiery barrage at multiple foes at once. The cherries on top of that are the Plasma Thrower, which spurts plasma onto enemy ships, and the Neutron Cannon, which obliterates enemies thanks to its increasing area damage and larger projectiles the longer it is being charged. In other words, the powerful ship will provide pilots with enough confidence to take on multiple adversaries.

If the confidence boost is not enough, the new expansion introduces all-new factory space stations where pilots can refine and convert resources, upgrade ship capabilities and repair minor damages you may sustain on the galactic battlefield. Additionally, new types of enemies and story characters have been added, offering individual questlines separate from the main story. The fearless pilots amongst you can find new challenges in the Okkar Homeworld, where special rewards can be collected.

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