Expansion Isle of Madness for The Elder Scrolls: Legends revealed

Expansion Isle of Madness for The Elder Scrolls: Legends revealed

Bethesda revealed today the first details of the long awaited and biggest expansion for their strategic card game, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, that launches on the 24th of September 2019. With the announcement, Bethesda launched a trailer that show us the some footage of the brand new look and interface that comes with the expansion. In the “Isle of Madness” you follow the story of a desperate father that will do anything to find his lost son, an adventure through darkness and magic.

The game has been rebuilt from scratch by Sparkypants Studios that brings the player a completely overhauled interface with new balanced gameplay mechanics. Together with an epic story with action, tragedy and humor the player will be dragged into the world of despair and insanity.

From this day the expansion is available for pre-order for PC (Steam), Android and iOS devices. With the Three Pack Premium Bundle you will receive the three new story chapters, two premium skins for the backside of your cards, two player titles and all the playable cards will be unlocked. On release, the three story chapters and the Prince of Madness skin will be available separately.

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