Extinction – New feature trailer published!

Extinction – New feature trailer published!

A new video from Extinction has been published that showcases the unique features that the game will have to offer when it launches. The team behind Extinction give you more insight into the game as they tell you about each component in the video.

In Extinction, humanity is threatened by monstrous threats that are only spoken of in fairy tales. An ancient order called the Sentinels are the only ones who can defeat these monsters. Sadly the Sentinel order has slimmed down through the years and Avil is the last one standing against these monstrosities that are called; the Ravenii.

Strategy is key in Extinction as Avil has to use his environment to his advantage. He can also use his skills for traveling in the environment to run up onto the Ravenii or getting higher up with his whip. Each Ravenii has their own attack, armor and weapon combinations. You will have to think about how you’re going to avoid the spikes or other things on the ogres that might hurt Avil while you try to run up these massive monsters.

The Rune Strike is, besides an amazingly strong attack, the key to defeating the Ravenii as it can be used to dismember the ginormous ogres. This attack can be powered up by saving people, destroying Ravenii armor and completing objectives each mission. Although the Ravenii won’t make it easy for Avil to use The Rune Strike.

Extinction releases on April 10th 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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